Active Space Technologies is a European leader in thermal architecture for aerospace applications, with track record in the most challenging environments such as Mars, Mercury, and Solar space missions; nuclear reactors; turbines and gear boxes.

Active Space Technologies also specialises in high power dissipation thermal management for applications of 30 W/cm2 and above (e.g., power amplifiers, lasers, etc.).

Thermal analysis is supported by ESATAN TMS, Thermal Desktop / SINDA, Patran/Thermal, and ANSYS Workbench.



Active Space Technologies has extensive experience in full cycle of design, optimization, and qualification of space and aeronautics hardware for the most extreme and demanding conditions. We perform computational modelling, including random, sine, shock, fatigue, and thermo-elastic analysis for both metallic and composite structural parts and assemblies. Our shaker testing facility further allows for the testing and correlation of your hardware under the expected dynamic environment.

Structural analysis is supported by Patran/Nastran, Hypermesh, CATIA GSA, and ANSYS Workbench.

CATIA v5 and Solid Edge are used for mechanical design.


Active Space Technologies runs coupled thermal/fluid flow analysis and structure-fluid interaction models.

Our CFD capabilities are multidisciplinary and have added value to applications such as powder release, saltation for applications such as pharmaceutical devices, and optimization of building insulation.

CFD is supported by STAR CCM+ and ANSYS Workbench.